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Man's looking really is too old, the cheeks deeply sinks, eyebrow white, not much a few s tightly stick on the skin of head, is combed ground one silk isn't disorderly.The skin that the nudity comes out loose Chi but withered, the top is full with to mark years annual rings of seborrheic keratosis.
The room door is lightly pushed away, a women~hand~the feet ground walked to come in.
Woman a head of gold the color is long, the head is natural tiny to curl up, along with the rhythm that she takes a stroll, is like a wheat mature, be blown by the breeze of golden color wheat wave.
Be dressed in a pair of weird high-heeled shoeses on the woman sexy beautiful small feet.Of so weird reason BE, its heel of shoe really compares other chemisette high-heeled shoes heel of shoes to grow up many.
The common chemisette high-heeled shoes is generally three Li rices to go to seven Li rices, its about have or so ten Li riceses.And heel of shoe point thin, is like a long long ground the nail stare at general on the ground.The chemisette shape is very and sexy, the thigh is high, the hip is plump, although chest drive and the black windbreaker of knee to cover up, front that drum drum ground a heap of still make people not difficult to guess of its astonishing cover cup.
The skin has white man special pure white, face slightly thick Kuang, have the special different pleasant impression of foreign woman.The lips are tiny thick, suddenly on seeing beautiful Nuo of a famous actress Anne Ji of some past grounds that are like Hollywood Zhu Li, only have to be a little bit more fine than her appearance.And, Zhu Li's eyes are greens, she the ground is that the pure and transparent Zhan is blue.
The woman goes straight the path to the old man ground before, get him to sit in seat of honor down in the sand and depend a face in his bosom.
The old man is just like this now the person's arrival, slowly opened turbid but have no divine of eyes, lightly at woman ground forehead kiss for a while, just use hoarse but don't make people feel that irritating to the ear French says:"The Yi a kind of insect shell Er, you came."
"Grandpa, this time, you should call a my silver eye."The woman blinked to blink eyes to say.She says ground is pure and unadulterated ground French, this is called had better listen to in the world a ground of language come out from her, is really beautiful like sounds of nature.
Is long the long ground of eyelash slightly gleam, azure of eyes the tiny Jian rise and mix mature chemisette romantic feeling and child on the fine face of sarcastic, these two kinds of United Stateses for contradicting each other are so harmonious Xuan eyes on her.
That a moment, makes people land the human life like the angel.
"BE?Is all right, silver granddaughter Yan, that should you make me get lord adult?"The old man kindly ground looking at in front ground girl's son and opens smallly fun.The French's humor is wit is at any time anywhere.
"Get lord adult yes.What matter do you invoke me to come over to have?You know that I just stopped for a rest in the Las Vegas and even all had no time to go to 1 of wager.You are so quick with come over."The woman sat to keep body, the facial expression hard but at quiet looking at his grounded grandpa.
"The military instructor died."The old man in a soft voice says and stretched hand in the chest to row a red word."Wish his soul to rest peacefully."
"?Who kill ground?"Chemisette look in the eyes a bright, soon again resumed equanimity.
"The autumn of the leaf.A China the people."The old man took a file bag to pass from the sand to woman.
The woman unties silk thread, from in take out a photograph.That is the face of a typical model eastern face, the face is beautiful and slender, head softness.Time of smiling the corner of mouth ups, very proud appearance.
"Is him?"The woman feels a bit unimaginable.
"Silver eye, I once educated you a lot of time.Can not judge people solely by their appearance.You can become NUMBERRONE one of the three greatest military instructorses: the biggest cutthroat organization of world, why can he not kill off a military instructor?"
"BE.Get lord adult."The silver eye respectully says."Getting the meaning of lord adult BE?"
"Originally, I is unwilling you to carry out this task.The person who can kill off a military instructor, thinks necessarily the real strenght is very astonishing.There is still his detailed data in the file bag, you can cautiously study some kind of."
"But, I don't have better candidate.Other cutthroats obviously can't be his opponent, but moreover a military instructor now just in Paris and the person of the Mo Luo text household fight.Silver eye, you are a quite the cheese candidate."The old man sinks a voice to say.
His eyes are still turbid, but seem to be fully inclined to violence at this time.
"I am getting more understand.Get lord adult.I leave China now."The silver eye station starts to say.

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