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The flying eagle passes bazooka the front specially install of attack by surprise a mirror to see past, the eastern breeze car in white drove to come over.
The car owner is a young and handsome young man, seeming the little bit didn't also detect till now of dangerous, positive face devotes one's minds of turn steer device.
Who is he ?How can appear mountain at the west this time?
His target person is a middle age of handsome Lang and an equally young young man, he once saw photograph, and recording of their prison in the looks prison at brain in.So, he can't make wrong object.
Since isn't target, the flying eagle nature can't cause undesired agitation.
The white car turned in front of him curved, then drove to pass by forward.
After flying eagle vigilance ground inspects that white car to far go, this just took back view, and then continued to stare at west mountain there of direction.
You, quicker come.
The mental character of small white is the best, even if he sharply feels that dangerous breathing, and that is such as substantial staring at of prison in the murderous look prison is on own face, he still none of little bits feel panic and worry.
Cast away car wayside, take out a Jing to make of steel a password box from the position of copilot's room.The small white wears the finger of beginning the set after stretching out press five pieces words and then hears Mao Pa a grounds frailty ringing.Draw back a fetter, open a box.
The inside is a few lengths to take care of a form of beautiful spare parts, that double of wear white gloves of the hand unusually and intelligently like a few spare partses in the box to the construction.Then then became a gorgeous Sen cold rifle.
Show off Yang 711 rifles, the professional is four half stars to its evaluation, the power is big, the thermodynamic power is fierce, and the recoil is also super strong.
Certainly, to gun, recoil more weak gun the operation of the more convenient user.But the viewpoint of small white differ with ordinary people.He likes that kind of the shocking impact dint that that strong recoil for bullet to shoot go out bring.
See as bullet is broking off human body or the whole body dozen to fly to go out, he has 1 kind take personally lift knife person to the Tong die of thrilling felling for sprinkling Li.
The bullet that takes out a box of bottom, locks a password box again like.The small white then lifts a long gun of that pole to flee the forest of having the wayside inside, the body form,such as demon, generally moves out of the way.Rise to rise and fall a Fu, then run to go out very far.
He drive leaf the autumn parties come out to stand before beating of, will give° some unstable factors of this road to clean up.
Along the road come, the small white runs about wildly all the way.Waited until to leave oneself to just pass by of when that turned Cape to still have a distance he then slowed down a step.Breath of the rhythm Be also slow to come down, the one steps all walk very carefully each time.
Sniper not only only have a pair of cruelty eyes, listenning to of their sharp dint also is differ with ordinary people.
Finally closed to that hillside, the small white even could see the wear whole body camouflage packs of man strong figure.
He probably still doesn't know that someone will flee his to after death come to make a surprise attack him?
The position that flew Ying to just lie prone the black-and-blue dust float in the sky, but his figure is rapid of rolled down to bottom in the hillside.
"Damn."The small white is in mind dark to scold a way, he unexpectedly stayed away this gun.
Yes, the flying eagle buttons up in the small white trigger before felt dangerous breathing.
He is that attack by surprise a superior, the person climbs out in heap from the dead.The numerous wars small war whets a Li he the prestige of He He and Gao today strengthen figure strong, also let he to dangerous feeling sense abnormality of sharp.
Raise a gun in the small white of that for an instant, his heart a then icy cold.Carry on the back to have behind grow be arrived last knife sort of cold idea.
Come of is a superior, unexpectedly the ability is secretive of close to oneself.
If isn't this end a moment to present arms, and the giving warning of intention to murder sent forth by this kind of hot weapon, it is that oneself is mortal and ambiguous to fear.
He doesn't dare to move.A move all don't dare to move.
If he moved this time, will accelerate his/her own death.
He has never exchanged blows with opponent, don't know a his gunning precise degree.But with lend him the ability closes to under the circumstance of oneself's ignoramus, think necessarily also bad not arrive where go to.

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