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Take them to go to engine room, Yan Kang and Lin Bao Er and start taking out their he or shes the computer beginning favour along with taking and live.The autumn of the leaf and river Yan is purple in the performance that a side looking at 2 people, simultaneously and in whisper say words.
See the finger of Lin Bao Er as fly of in last lightning flash Pa in the computer of knock, leaf the autumn in the mind is a burst of and delighted.The naughty young girl that meets for the first time also became the pillars of country now and flicked own intelligent wisdom and ability on the important work post.
The autumn of the leaf packs a mold first to do kind of after death observed in the Yan Kang some kind of, then again slowly move Lin Bao Er after death.
Lin Bao Er's head doesn't return as well, know of the person is an autumn of leaf, smile happily ground to say:"The autumn of the leaf sees me very an accident?"
"Yes.You not is say coming back after for a year?How so quick come back?"
"Xi Xi, I am an elitist, so in advance graduation.Say again, the set sets up a new section and always want someone's hand to help.I and Yan pig head to adjust first back."
"No wonder that."The autumn of the leaf ordered to nod.
Lin Bao Er is crafty on smiling, say:"The autumn of the leaf, I have already said for grandpa, said to come to come with a marriage proposal a boy who likes me."
"Really?"The leaf's autumn facial expression is one Zhi, make a noise to ask a way.
The matter unexpectedly and most worrying still keeps borning, originally still think that Lin Bao Er is to play trick.
"Certainly Be getting trueer.I which dare tell a lie with grandpa?"The one face of Lin Bao Er in earnest says.In fact she basically didn't speak of this matter with grandpa, while just wanting to punish a leaf the autumn just saw he or she performance of too cheerless, just have this to say.
See a leaf small for autumn to fear afraid appearance, this stimulated Lin Bao Er more to want this matter to facilitate of decision.
"This is the matter that you before once promised me, you can't be want to renege?"Lin Bao Er once turns round, very round big eyes a blink don't blink ground to stare at a leaf autumn to say.
The dead early early bears again and see come to this robs Be getting more unavoidable.
Here is a work important precincts, although overtake the staff members of tiny machine room to all go out for keeping secret a contents, but the inside still has purple river Yan and Yan Kang at, these words fall their ear always not so good.
Although the Yan Kang is busy in handling the work on the hand,that ear in earnest is listenning to 2 people's conversation.
Is afraid drive Lin Lin Bao's son so entangled, the leaf autumn ordered to nod and said:"Yes.I promise you.But you once said, we were justThe ‐‐‐‐Just the agreement gets married."
"Certainly is it the agreement that is married?Are you me to really need to marry to you?Wait until I find out the man whom I likes, will immediately give° you to kick away."Lin Bao Er smiles happily head in the location.
"So had better."The leaf autumn in the mind breath a sigh of relief and says.
"I return to measure concrete time with grandpa's company, you have to wait my telephone.Forbid not, words don't come, I tell a grandpa that you humiliate me, didn't make the grandpa give° you to die can not."Lin Bao Er picked to pick an eyebrow to say.
"It is understand."The autumn of the leaf sighs.The person have to lower the head in the under the eaves.Originally also want to pass Lin Bao Er's relation, obtain the good will of master wood's son, get their Lin Jia's support.
Now is seen, oneself can also have a life to live down is a piece the matter was luckily.
Don't dare to stand again at after death, Lin Bao Er avoids being subjected to her other again a harassment.The autumn of the leaf again back nearby, purple river Yan accompanies her to talk.
"Do this position to feel O.K.?What looks does the affair have?"The river Yan purple light tone asks a way.Clip a smoke in hand, but didn't spark.
Because this has no dust office is disallow to smoke, side is the brand of smoking ban.Even if she suppresses of pain, also want to be strong to endure.
"Feel O.K..Didn't also carry out recently what task, I pour is easily must run to Su Hang to turn 1 turn.The progress of affair still calculates smoothly, some time, even if you need not personally check to seek, a flaw will also jump your in front on one's own initiative."
The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.This time at Su Hang is to greatly have to get, he proved a matter at least.The Yan house are relational with those gene warriors.

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